Review: Rose Pouchong Loose Tea, Fortnum & Mason


A few times a month, Ms Simpson and I take a trip down to Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly to stock up on port, sherry, biscuits and tea. It was on our second November trip when I thought that, as a gift to my lovely Secret Santa, I should give her a selection of teas to compliment the book* and candle** I had already bought her.

Therefore, making our way across the gorgeously Christmassy decorated food hall to the tea section, Ms Simpson and I – much to the help and patience of the sales assistant! – scented a variety of teas encased in G-I-A-N-T tea caddies, discounting some (sorry!) yet liking many. It wasn’t, however, until the final tea caddy we had picked out to try did we come across something special. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Rose Pouchong. Rose Pouchong, meet Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m sure you’ll all have a great time!fm-rose-pouchong-2

Magnificent! It’s wonderfully potent – the roses are sweet yet powerful – and the initial smell of the tea will have you reeling backwards with happiness and going to gooey, sugary, lovely heaven. Honestly, as soon as we had that first hit, Ms Simpson and I immediately bought some for ourselves too!fm-rose-pouchong

Guess what? Yes! Even more adjectives! Although the Rose Pouchong tastes beautiful, it is (thankfully) incredibly subtle and delicate in comparison to its scent, ensuring it’s not too overwhelming. It’s also very light, and doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste like other black teas I know. A pleasant drink best enjoyed in the afternoon.

Steep for three minutes. No milk. Sugar to taste (although I didn’t add any).

£12.50 for 125g. Buy here.

Absolutely! Whilst steep, the price is great for the product.

In all cases, I enjoyed this tea immensely, and hope my Secret Santa (and maybe you!) will too!

*The Sellout by Paul Beatty
**Jasmine and Olive, MUJI


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