My 2017 Travel Goals

I’m awful when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

Like most of the Western world I usually make it my goal to drink less, exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier and clean up my damn house. Unfortunately by the 2nd of January I’m usually passed out drunk on my bed in my filthy room, two portions of takeaway chips lying beside me as an old kickboxing DVD lies broken next to some CDs and books, 3 pounds heavier due to a decadent Christmas and New Year.

*Sighs heavily.* Yep. I just can’t do resolutions.

Yet this doesn’t stop me from making them. For 2017 one of my goals is to travel, travel, travel. I’ve always wanted to, but cowardice and the fact that neither my boyfriend nor my friends wanted to travel long-term meant that I left this wish unfulfilled for years. Fast-forward to summer 2016 when I booked a trip to Warsaw on my own and loved it, I am now determined to achieve my dream, very happily going solo.

Rajasthan, India

I’m glad to say that I’m already in the process of fulfilling this goal, for on the 3rd January 2017 I will be making my way across to Asia instead of nursing a debilitating hangover at work. Having been obsessed with Indian cuisine my entire life (please give me all the chai, gulab jamun and curry I can handle!), when I was researching options for this trip, food was one of the largest reasons I was going. However, due to another aim of mine, I’m linking my food adventures with ethical volunteering as well, and am thus going to Jodhpur for just over two months to undertake teaching work, travelling to other areas of Rajasthan on the weekends to sight-see. Needless to say, with just under three weeks to go and with absolutely nothing bought for the trip with the exception of my visa and a camera, I am both incredibly excited yet stupidly underprepared. Help me!



The Amalfi Coast, Italy

I love Italy. It’s my most visited country, and no, I am not biased because I am half Italian, okay? Okay, maybe I am little bit biased, but I just adore Italy. The weather is gorgeous, the food is crazily amazing and they serve a gooooooood Aperol Spritz. I mean, what is there not to love!? The Amalfi Coast in particular, however, has been on my go-to list for about a year now, purely because of aesthetic reasons. I have no idea what’s there other than picturesque mountains, scented lemon groves and lush greenery, but this place must have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ‘cultural landscape’ for a reason, surely?



Long story short, I need to chill out somewhere in Canada to experience its winter temperatures and snow.


Long story short, I also need to chill out somewhere in Malta for its hot temperatures and beaches.

Kraków, Poland


I’ve heard that Poland’s beauty is in Kraków rather than Warsaw, and whilst I do want to see this city because of its medieval walls, grand markets and gothic Churches, this is alongside another very important reason. Seeing the Auschwitz concentration camp is definitely something I need to do before I die, and with Kraków only being a one hour train journey away, it makes sense to do both together. So cheers to doing Kraków and Auschwitz in 2017, especially because I have some leftover złoty from this year that needs to be put to use!

Amsterdam, Holland

Not even going to pretend here, I want to go purely to smoke and drink good coffee.4

Berlin, Germany

Because Rammstein are one of my favourite bands, I’ve always wanted to learn German to understand their songs in their entirety. Also, German stollen and marzipan? Yes please! Thus, Germany has always held a special kind of adoration from me, and so I would love to visit in order to salivate all over a statue of Goethe whilst hearing the language and stuffing my face with almondy-goodness, crying happy tears. Also, I’ve always sort of been enamoured with the Berlin techno club scene, which is my specific reason for choosing the capital. Who knows, I’m due to visit my mate in Hamburg next year, so hopefully we could take a quick trip to Berlin to disco disco before heading back to Hamburg and its many canals.

Berlin TV Tower

Finally, we have Scotland, France and Portugal. These three countries are a result of a messy night-out last Friday, where two of my mates and I drunkenly declared that we would:

  • Go to Scotland for a whisky tour, as Vi loves her whisky
  • Go to France for a wine tour, as Aa loves her wine
  • Go to Portugal for a port tour, as I love my port

So there we have it: my long list of travel goals for 2017. I’m wondering how on earth I’ll ever be able to afford it, but I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up a second job on weekends if necessary!

What about you? What are your travel aims? My mind is always opening to exploring new places!


10 thoughts on “My 2017 Travel Goals

    1. Haha, maybe I will bump Portugal up! Which month do you think is best for Porto??

      And see, this is what I need – I can’t wait for the time when I can say that I’ve also visited many of them! Do you have any you would recommend more than another? (With the exception of Portugal, of course 😀)


  1. I would aim for Spring to visit Porto. Being a Londoner you’re no stranger to soggy weather, so you can probably get away with an earlier visit 🙂

    I’ve never went to Canada and Scotland (would like though). From the rest of the list I would pick three very very different places: Rajasthan (we wrote a couple of posts about it), Krakow (we wrote a post about Auschwitz) and the Amalfi Coast (no post yet :)).


    1. I would LOVE to visit the Middle East (Lebanon and Israel for sure!) – the food, architecture and clothing looks beautiful. I’m actually very tempted to go back to Morocco, but I would want to travel around to Fez/Casablanca, etc. instead of staying in Marrakech like I did last year. And yes, Egypt for sure! I need to find a way to fit all of these in as well as afford them, haha. Thanks for the tips!


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