Review: Earl Grey Strong, Teapigs

I had quite a busy checklist planned for this Saturday. Alongside the generally mundane things one needs to do to get through any day, the first day of my weekend was also going to include kickboxing, making a chickpea shakshouka, making cupcakes, buying wine and reading Pat Barker’s Regeneration. I was also due to meet two of my old colleagues for lunch at 2pm, and bam! that’s when my ‘busy’ day became a lazy one.

I have two words and two words for you only, Franco Manca: ‘F*uck you.’ I entered your restaurant energised and ready to take on the world, and left feeling stuffed and tired. Granted, it’s my fault for gobbling up a huge vegetarian sourdough pizza and a side of olives with a glass of Aperol Spritz, but come on, what the hell am I going to do when presented with such good food? By the time I had even considered getting a takeaway bag for the leftovers the entire pizza was already in my stomach.


Although I did manage to make it to the supermarket for the shakshouka ingredients, I’m yet to do anything else on my checklist due to utter lethargy – and I really should exercise to burn off at least some of that pizza! – so I’m going to do what I always do when I feel flat-out exhausted and hope to gain some energy: drink Teapigs’ Earl Grey Strong tea.



Despite Teapigs’ (very true) claim that this is an earl grey ‘with wallop,’ the scent itself isn’t overbearing. This could be due to the lovely hint of bergamot which balances out what could be quite a bitter smelling tea otherwise, and overall, it’s not too bad.


Very bitter and very strong. However, its strength is what gives the caffeine boost so necessary after a bloody huge pizza. It has a partial aftertaste.


Brew for three minutes. Teapigs suggest drinking this with a slice of lemon (for an extra hit!) whereas I prefer to add milk. Sugar to taste.


£9.95 for 50 ‘tea temples.’ Buy here.


Yes. If you want a caffeine boost without drinking any coffee, this tea should help you wake up and go about your day, even if it is 7pm and you’ve spent most of it lounging around after eating at Franco Manca’s!


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