The 2017 Reading Challenge

Here are a few facts about me: I like books, I like lists, and I like POPSUGAR.

Actually, scratch that.

I love books, I love lists, and I quite adore POPSUGAR.

…So, in an ideal world, wouldn’t it just be great to be able to add all of these things together to create something epic?

Wait, you mean it’s already happened!?

Dear readers, I introduce you to POPSUGAR’s 2017 Reading Challenge!


After intense discussions with other bibliophiles that left me feeling rather inadequate, I have decided to widen my reading categories in order to join in with more conversations. As someone who tends to favour drama quite heavily over other genres such as fantasy, satire or mystery, etc., this list seems like it would be a pretty good starting point to ‘broadening my literary horizons.’ After all, any list which calls for the reading of a steampunk novel or which features a mythical creature is going to be pretty unusual for me!

Additionally, POPSUGAR have also included an ‘advanced’ list, which calls for the reading of a book which is more than 800 pages. As someone who likes a challenge, I shall be re-attempting some serious Tolstoy (perhaps War and Peace? Probably not), or Dostoyevsky (whom I love).

What about you? Are you doing any challenges or have any books to recommend? Also, what do you think POPSUGAR mean by ‘a book of letters?’ Surely every book (bar picture books), is a book of letters? Or is it those written in epistolary format? If so, bring on The Color Purple, for that novel is amazing!

*I am not in any way affiliated with POPSUGAR. I just think their reading challenge is bomb!*


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