Cream Tea at The Tea Rooms, Harrods

Namaste everyone, I safely made it to India!

As you may know from my previous posts I was very anxious about going to one of my dream destinations, but I’ve been here for just under three days now and I’m feeling pretty neutral about it so far! (I hope to write a round-up of my first week here on Sunday, so keep an eye out if the WiFi signal is good and WordPress works on my teeny tiny notebook – hell, even this post might not be able to be published, but if you’re reading this now… it was successful!)

But before any India information, I bring you my other love: cream tea! Or more specifically, the cream tea I had on New Year’s Eve. (Yes, perhaps I should’ve posted this post before coming to India, but I had procrastinating from packing to do and goddamnit I was busy because of it!) Anyway…

Me and the bestie are amazing. Fact. As part of my going-away-to-India-we-won’t-see-each-other-for-two-months-oh-my-goodness-I’m-going-to-miss-you treat, and just to celebrate the fact it was the last day of the year, we decided to take a visit to one of Ms Simpson’s favourite places – Harrods.

Now, I’m not a massive fan of Harrods. I find it too pompous and too confusing and at times very overwhelming, so most of the time, I only go when Ms Simpson fancies shopping. Of course, I myself cannot afford Valentino and McQueen (ahh McQueen!), but I can afford food.

Just about.

Let’s be honest, when I treat myself to a meal in Harrods I’m mentally working out how much money I have left for the month.

But let’s get one thing straight: I may not like Harrods, but they do a stupidly AMAZING cream tea!img_0229Although you probably aren’t, you might be wondering why I didn’t buy their afternoon tea and instead settled for their simpler, plainer cream tea. Well… that’s because I also had a very decent lunch, and after eating the best quiche I’ve ever tasted outside of France, I couldn’t stomach the full works of an afternoon tea. (Did I mention the quiche was very decent? Unfortunately, due to my greediness and forgetfulness I didn’t actually manage to take a photograph of the meal, as once I remembered, the quiche and its side salad was already down my throat).

But don’t fear! I took photos of the absurdly brilliant cream tea, and here they are in all their (I need to take photography classes and get a better camera) glory!img_0233

My boyfriend said it looked like a baked potato with jam… Well it was a great potato with jam!

Such sweet, light, fluffy scones! With the most perfect soya mocha accompanying these beauties (I know, a cream coffee, amirite!?), I also had a good selection of jams to choose from (strawberry – the best, raspberry – alright, a few too many pips, marmalade – brilliant on toast the next day!) and thick clotted cream. Also, I usually dislike scones with raisins but the Harrods ones were great! – you could easily pick them out (as Ms Simpson did) but I found that they weren’t so obtrusive as to warrant that.img_0230

A peaceful atmosphere in an otherwise crazily busy shop (Christmas sales!), this cream tea felt so good and was so needed as I took in the fact that India was actually happening in the next week!

Such pretty china!

‘The Chelsea’ Cream Tea is £15 and available at The Tea Rooms, Harrods.

I did not get paid or accept anything to write this post.

But you can hit me up, Harrods.

(The formatting for this post messed up initially. Ah, awful WiFi and awful notebook. They shall be the reason for any complaints even if it isn’t their fault… and this time, it was all our fault).



10 thoughts on “Cream Tea at The Tea Rooms, Harrods

  1. This looks so delicious! I used to drink English Breakfast tea like it was going out of style. I had to stop drinking it due to an insignificant but pesky health issue. Oh how I miss it. As the kiddos say in America “I’m so jelly!” Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah that’s annoying – I couldn’t imgine my mornings without a hot cuppa. Honestly, do not speak to me unless I have tea, lol. Do you still go for afternoon tea though? You could have a herbal one or a coffee instead?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, but I really do wish I could. I know that it’s probably a very silly thing to say but I’m honestly miss drinking a cup of tea in the morning. I’ve substituted it with an almost milk hot chocolate since I can’t drink coffee either. I love almond milk so it hasn’t been too bad. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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