On Living a Dream

Today marks a week since I arrived in Jodhpur, India.

Originally I wanted to post a weekly ’round-up’ showcasing what activities I’ve been up to day-by-day, but speaking crying to my Mum back in England on Monday made me realise something (and something pretty important):

I am living one of my dreams.dsc00065It came crashing down on me suddenly and I remember just choking out the sentence on the phone to my Mum before breaking down in sobs. I’m still in mild shock, in fact, because since I was 18 I’ve always had this desire to travel, and because of my own cowardice about travelling solo, I’ve always quashed that desire. I went to university (three, in fact) when I probably shouldn’t have (although I learned a lot about life) and I did a lot of jobs that didn’t benefit  me in any way other than offer me a paltry salary. But this was because I feared getting stuck. I didn’t even want to attempt to find a good job after my four years at university because I didn’t want the temptation to settle down and never have my ‘dream’ of travelling. I reasoned that even if I hated my first bout of travel, at least I would’ve tried my dream but then decided it wasn’t for me.

My first time seeing monkeys in the wild!

dsc00073So after a stern talking to myself that I wasn’t getting any younger, that I might want to have a good, stable career in the future with a husband and some children, I decided to take a plunge and book my trip to India – one of my three absolute must-do-if-possible destinations (the others being Russia and Cambodia). I settled on Jodhpur because I’m currently volunteering here for a while too (all ethical, so no worries here), with the aim to travel on weekends. You see, I believed that I wasn’t strong enough to jump straight into solo travel with a massive tour of India (and I think I’m right), so for now I know I’ve made the right decision by having a support network of other volunteers and a stable place to stay.

Fresh vegetables taste good!
Mandore Gardens

I mean, really… I’ve done so much I’ve always wanted to do in a space of a week. I’ve experienced a crazily long layover at Mumbai airport, had amazing cups of chai and glasses of lassi, eaten at such good restaurants and street vendors, been to an Indian cinema to watch a film in Hindi and stand for the national anthem, been in tuk-tuks, been nearly hurt by said tuk-tuks and motorcycles, experienced the business of shopping in the main market, worn Indian clothes and jewellery… But I’ve also done things I would rather not do such as not being able to withdraw cash from numerous ATM’s because India currently doesn’t have enough new money in circulation. But hey, I’m not really complaining because I am here! in IndiaLiving my dream!dsc00097

*This entry totally took a day longer to post due to our wifi being down. But hey… India!


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