Review: Smooth Green Tea, PG Tips

Why hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I mean, I thought you had forgotten all about me – what with all of your travel posts for the last month! Don’t forget, Francesca, that you started this blog with the initial idea of writing about tea!

…Alright, blog. I’m sorry. Yes, perhaps I had a crazy moment of imagining my blog talking to me, but it’s got a point, okay!? it has been some time since I last wrote about tea. So hereby, I am back, with the aim of writing something to do with tea once a week. Maybe a Tea Tuesday or a Tea Thursday? But this week is definitely a Tea Wednesday, so without further ado:



Almost non-existent! Which is a welcome trait, considering I’ve had green teas so potent they smack me in the face like Muhammad Ali. And for someone who only drinks green tea once a month in an attempt to be ‘healthy’ and reap the benefits of anti-inflammation, a faster metabolism, antioxidants, etc. this unscented tea is brilliant at not putting me off. Because let it be said: I do not like green tea (unless it’s the green tea latté from Starbucks!)


Bearable. But I’m being harsh because it’s green tea. Actually, it’s very good considering I’ve not added any sugar, as it’s light and it doesn’t leave its flavour on my tongue. So whoop! whoop! to health without an aftertaste!


Steep for one to two minutes. No milk. Sugar to taste.


£1.38 for 25 teabags.


Yes – but only for those who dislike green tea in general. I’ve spoken to others who haven’t liked this tea because they considered it too bland or too ‘average’ (ahh, these green tea connoisseurs!), so try with an open mind!

See you next week with another tea topic!


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