Review: Camden Coco, Yumchaa

Being the lucky woman I am, everyone knows I love tea, and so when it comes to my birthday I’m usually gifted with a good few new, unusual brands. Therefore, thanks to my boyfriend’s sister, we are now going to have three weeks’ worth of Yumchaa reviews! Aren’t you excited!? I am. So first and foremost, I welcome Yumchaa’s Camden Coco!



Subtle! I was expecting to be assaulted by the lovely smell of chocolate (as amongst the Chinese and Ceylon black tea, Camden Coco also contains cacao peel and white chocolate chips), but unfortunately for this chocolate lover, the scent was understated. I wanted fanfare and glorious lights, the chocolate scent infused into the walls of the room so much so it couldn’t be extracted for hours, but I instead got something modest. It isn’t bad, it’s quite enjoyable, just not quite the knock-out scent I was looking for like when I first tried Fortnum’s Rose Pouchong.


It’s good, but like its scent, Camden Coco tastes delicate. I tried it both with and without almond milk and I prefer the taste with milk – it seems that the chocolate flavour really comes out when mixed with dairy. Indeed, on Yumchaa’s site it says you can make a latte with it or a hot chocolate and I know which one I’d have! Both.


It doesn’t say on the packaging (downside!) how long you should steep this loose tea but I went for three minutes. However Yumchaa suggest three to five minutes on their website, and add that you can also prepare it on its own, with milk, as a latte, or as a hot chocolate. Sugar? Not necessary, as the tea is sweet enough without it.


£5.50 for 100g. Quite pricey, so it was nice to be gifted it.


Yes, if you fancy something different without going too ‘out there!’


10 thoughts on “Review: Camden Coco, Yumchaa

    1. THERE ARE SO MANY TEAS!! Omg, I found loads the other day from another company that do flavours such as Cherry Bakewell, etc. that I just neeeeed to try! I need some samples, haha. Yeah, there is a lot of tea out there for sure, but tbh, I think I’m a fan of the simpler ones 🙂

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      1. I won’t lie, I’m a Twinings girl. Twining’s Earl Grey is my absolute favourite tea ever, but for a good old English brew I would have to recommend some Yorkshire Tea or PG Tips. In terms of green or herbal tea, I don’t know enough, but for being a bit more upmarket, Pukka and Tea Pigs are generally a good call 🙂

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      2. haha I also like drinking Twinings only! 1-2 cups of Early grey a day (besides green tea) are fixed for! But I have never tried these brands you have mentioned but as I see they are available on e-bay, I can at least give one of them a hit! thanks! 🙂

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