Mango Sunrise, Yumchaa

Okay, so this wasn’t meant to happen…

3 weeks without an update!? REALLY!? I’m so angry at myself, but I get how it happened. As others say, life gets in the way, and in-between working six days a week (to try to earn some funds for my upcoming trip to Portugal), planning my (belated) birthday party and trying to find genuine paid freelance work alongside the general activities such as exercising and seeing friends and family, I haven’t actually had much time to write. And hell, I do miss it. So I thought I’d post an update on my Yumchaa tea which was given to me over a month, ago and which I have only just had time to crack open once more.

Mango Surprise


When I first was given the bag consisting of the three Yumchaa teas my boyfriend’s sister bought me, I was immediately punched in the face by the full-on smell of one of them. Yep, even bagged up in its own packaging as well as that of the gift bag, Mango Sunrise still took me by surprise. After coming to my senses, I sniffed again and was once more hit by its onslaught of fruity, mango goodness. ‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘I’ve never smelled a tea so bloody potent’ (and that’s including my favourite Fortnum’s Rose Pouchong!). Honestly, this thing was so strong I could smell it from across the room as I lay down to sleep, but perhaps I don’t have a very big room?

Yet lovely as the smell is, when infused with hot water the tea sort of morphed into something that reminded me of wilted spinach. And as much as I absolutely love spinach, I don’t want my tea to resemble it. Yet, whilst Camden Coco didn’t deliver on the scent, Mango Surprise certainly contained enough for both!


It’s insanely light! The Sencha green tea was absolutely the backing vocalist to the dried mango, but personally, that’s what makes this tea so unique. I didn’t get the bitter taste I’m accustomed to with green tea and it was actually very sweet considering I didn’t add any sugar. Who knew (because I certainly didn’t) that good quality green tea + good quality dried fruit would result in such an ideal combination? Cheers to that!

Mango Surprise 1


Steep one teaspoon of tea for two to three minutes. No milk or sugar required.


£5.50 for 100g.


Yes! It’s something different, and if you like fruity teas I think you’ll love this.


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